About Us

Manufacturer of Precision Machined and Fabricated Parts and Assemblies

    Florida Plating & Machining, Inc founded in 1983 is a machine and fabrication job shop.  We are a family business that gives industries the opportunity to deal with a company built on the ideals of honesty, quality service and on-time delivery performance.  We are dedicated to service our industry and to provide our customers with the most advanced workmanship.  Our company is built on the highest levels of ethics and integrity, and we strive for open and honest communication with our customers. Our specially trained staff is experienced in metal machining, fabrication, repairs, and metal plating. By appointment, please take a guided tour of our shop with one of our skilled staff members.

    With 45 years experience, Florida Plating & Machining, Inc. is one of the highest quality machine shops within the State of Florida. With a wide variety of machines, Florida Plating & Machining, has the capability to fabricate, repair and machine a high quality product to suit your needs. Please take a look at our "Capacity List" for a complete outline of all equipment.